What's in it for me at MMPA?

By Aileen  Hough, Circulation Manager, CSC Publishing

MMPA is an organization made up of publishing members, associates or vendors, freelancers, educational institutions and sponsors.

Just as it takes a variety of people to publish a magazine, it also takes a variety of members to make our organization the best that it can be.

Publishing Members

Let’s start with publishing members, since they are the ones developing the product that keeps us all moving. I’m a publishing member, and I assure you, I would not be successful without everyone else in the organization. What I bring to the table are my thoughts, questions, experiences and solutions, so that others can benefit from my mistakes. What’s in it for me is the chance to learn from others, to contribute and volunteer, and perhaps to find collective solutions to our challenges.

Vendor Members

For our vendor members (associates), MMPA can provide a networking opportunity for them to develop their businesses and contribute their particular expertise to the educational mix. Education Series events and our Summit & Expo would not be possible without their continued support. It’s important for us to check out MMPA members when looking for new vendors or working on new projects. The Vendor Directory is available on the MMPA website. If you work with vendor members, mention them to others. Ask them to be involved with our Education Series events, with FinePrint or offer other recommendations. Something as simple as visiting their booth at the Summit & Expo can help champion their support.

Freelance Members

With the economy being what it is, many of us have come to depend on more freelance help, myself included. Education Series events provide a good chance to meet the individuals involved in your respective area. They are listed on the MMPA website, so check them out! If you work with an MMPA Freelance Member not listed here, encourage them to complete the form to be included. If you use freelancers, attend the Magazine Mingle and  support their efforts.

CSC Publishing has been in business for over 20 years. This past Summer was the first time we ever used Interns. In part this was due to the involvement of the U of M at MMPA encouraging companies to mentor to students. We accomplished a lot this Summer and it brought a new excitement to our workplace.

Sponsor Members

And, finally, our Sponsor Members. The MMPA Board works very hard to provide a great deal of information through the website, FinePrint, Education Series events -- and it's all free of charge to Members. The money you pay for dues cover only a portion of our costs, so it’s sponsor dollars that make up the difference. We are able to have a very high quality Summit & Expo that is Folio caliber, for a fraction of the cost. So, if you work with any of our sponsors, be sure to thank them for their support. If you are looking for new contacts, check out their websites from the MMPA home page: www.mmpa.net.

MMPA has developed into a truly amazing organization because of our members. So, kudos to all and I look forward to working with you all in the future.