Magazine of the Year

The Magazine of the Year Award was first presented in 2010. This award is designed to recognize consistent, comprehensive, and cumulative excellence in publishing. Like the medal count at the Olympics, it rewards titles for the individual gold, silver, and bronze awards they receive.

The Magazine of the Year award is based on a cumulative scoring system whereby points are earned from Excellence Awards won between 1997 (when the Publishing Excellence Awards were founded) through the current year. Gold awards are worth three points, silver awards are worth two, and bronze awards are worth one.

Once a publication wins the Magazine of the Year award, their cumulative score resets to zero, and they begin accumulating points again the following year in their pursuit of a second Magazine of the Year trophy.

The Magazine of the Year is given out each year at the annual MMPA Excellence Awards Gala. The top five nominees will be notified prior to the event, and the winner will be announced at the Gala in November.

Previous winners of the award:

2010 Minnesota Monthly
2011 Exhibitor Magazine
2012 Twin Cities Business
2013 Lake Superior Magazine
2014 Experience Life
2015 Mpls.St.Paul Magazine


Congratulations Lavender Magazine

Winner of the 2016 Magazine of the Year Award.