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This community is composed of individuals that are involved in managing and marketing to readers, subscribers, and visitors of a particular brand and all their properties.

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Education Series: March 13 Features Innovator Award Winner

by Jim Tarbox

Rat Rod publisher to discuss his surprising success. Stale, stagnant, afraid to change? Innovation in the magazine market is not dead! That’s the word from Steve Thaemert Jr.—editor of Rat Rod magazine and winner of the 2012 MMPA Innovator Award—who will present his thoughts in a dialog with Greenspring Publications’ circulation director Tim Morgan on March 13 at the Good Sam offices in Plymouth as…

Education Series - Top 10 Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes Made by Circulation/Audience Development Departments Speaker The old adage, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough,” is especially true as we work through the digital revolution with reduced staffs. But it’s also true that we learn from our mistakes.  This round table session gives you a chance to both learn from the mistakes of the…

Cindy Hewett

No Magic Bullets

By Jim Tarbox, editor, History Channel Magazine, and Rebecca Sterner, publishing consultant

Maybe it’s time for a do-over. That’s the challenge presented to a group of circulation report managers by Cindy Hewett, reporting solutions product manager at CDS Global in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Sept. 20 MMPA education event.  She noted audience development staffers need to deal with a landscape that has changed over the past six to 10 years—a change that shifted reporting from a print-products…

Automation Reigns at Eagan USPS Facility

By Aileen Hough

MMPA Circulation and Audience Development Most of you have probably noticed an upside down address on the cover of your favorite magazine or the address block on the back of a catalog being on the top back cover instead of the bottom and thought it looked rather odd. Those of us involved in the distribution and delivery of your magazines have been working on this and the management of subscriber…

Technology and Contacts Assist in Managing Industry Change

By Michael Lotti

Q&A with Aileen Hough, circulation manager, CSC Publishing Aileen Hough has old school credentials. She’s been with the same company for 20 years and remains committed to print publications. But she’s new school as well. She manages circulation for a number of e-publications and is excited about the publishing possibilities that the Internet has opened up. Q: For which CSC magazines do you manage…