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Just Our Type

By Sherry Collins

Excellence Awards Poster Winner Chosen!

The latest winner of the MMPA Call For Entries Poster contest is Kathleen Tolmie, graphic designer for Fender Bender Magazine. Tolmie’s design relies heavily on typography and little on illustration. Since she loves the use of beautiful type, Tolmie let that be her inspiration for the design.

“I wanted to capture the essence of the event. Last November was my first awards show, so I took my impressions and translated that into a design,” says Tolmie. “I wanted the branding to show elegance and entertainment. I also wanted to unify and distinguish design, editorial, and marketing as both individual functions and functions that work together.”

The fifteenth annual Excellence Awards will be held Nov. 3, and celebrates the vast talent available in the MMPA ranks by encouraging members to submit their idea for the poster contest.

As a former intern turned full-time designer on the Fender Bender staff, Tolmie said she enjoyed the creative freedom that the contest allowed. The poster design allowed her to break from the more rigid task of conforming to existing brands and type treatments. She enjoyed the blank slate and drew on her many interests to incorporate design elements that can be used across branding efforts for the event.

“My inspiration comes from literally everywhere because I love to travel,” Tolmie says. She studied art in Rome for 5 months; travelled across Italy, Paris, and London; then, recently, jetted off to Brazil for vacation and to check out the design scene. “There is so much inspiration on the streets in signage and cafes that you may never find online. I think getting away from the computer to experience the environment is really important.”

Between trips, Tolmie says she wouldn’t be without Google reader. She uses it to keep up on her favorite blogs: NYC Type, Design Work Life, FFFFound, Oh So Beautiful Paper, and Abduzeedo.

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