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Gear Up!

By Sherry Collins

Prepare yourself to capture compelling multimedia

Are you really set up to do multimedia? Here’s what you need according to Al Tompkins, senior faculty for broadcast and online, from the Poynter insitute.

  •  Phone
  •  Ipod, backup ipod (to record on) and external mike
  • Backup battery for phone
  • Card reader
  •  Extra SD cards
  • 16 GB minimum thumb drive (Tompkins carries at least 3)
  •  IFB earpiece (get a belltone earpiece, you’ll be professional, you’ll use it for more than you think, and you won’t have to use someone else’s nasty earpiece if you are interviewed, which is nasty).
  • Lots of cords (cords for everything!) if you travel, international plug converters are also a must.