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Young Publishing Professionals Speak Out

by Barbara Knox

The younger, and often unheard, members of our local publishing community are flexing their professional muscles and gearing up to become a more active force in the industry.

At the behest of MMPA board members, a group of young professionals (under 35) gathered in March to talk frankly about their career needs and how MMPA could serve them more effectively. Included in the group were editors, writers, sales people and a publisher. All had strong thoughts about how this industry organization could help them in their efforts to network, grow professionally and learn more about the latest developments in digital publishing.

Brad Spychalski, senior editor for The History Channel Magazine and coordinating editor for the MLB Insiders Club Magazine, and, publisher at Grand View Media, stepped up to co-chair a new Young Professionals MMPA Committee. The rest of the original focus group included Drew Wood, managing editor of Minnesota Business Magazine, Angie Bromeland, freelance writer and former editor with Metropolitan Media Group and Great Waters Media; Lucas Wagner, national sales manager for Franchise Times; Gina Czupka, freelance writer and former MMG and Great Waters Media editor; Mike Davin, online editor at Affinity Group; and Karin Gelschus, associate editor at Affinity Group.

The group has a short list of projects and concerns to tackle immediately, including starting regular networking events for their peers, exploring a mentoring program, and improving communications coming out of MMPA. As Spychalski says, “a lot of the younger members of MMPA don't even know they're members, let alone what benefits might be available to them.”

If you fall into that under-35 age group, please get involved with this dynamic group. Whether you're looking to learn more about your field, meet other publishing professionals your own age, network for jobs or get partnered with a mentor, you will benefit from the connections you'll make. Add your name to the networking group by emailing Brad or Jared, or MMPA YP liaison :