FinePrint April 26, 2012


2012 Summit & Expo Gets Rave Reviews

by Craig Gustafson

Attendees give event’s presenters high marks Thursday’s 2012 Summit and Expo offered something for nearly everyone involved in magazine publishing. Across all disciplines, the message was clear: If you evolve, you can profit and thrive. Nearly two-dozen presenters offered practical tips, introductions to new technology, case studies, and strategic advice, with messages that often converged across…

2012 Summit & Expo Photo Gallery

Check out some great shots of the 2012 MMPA Summit & Expo. Photography by Studio Laguna

Adding Interactivity and Media to Adobe DPS Publications

by Sara Skalle, editor, Tonka Times magazine

Interactivity becomes the designer's perogative Like a magician pulling rabbits out of hats, Keith Gilbert of St. Paul-based Gilbert Consulting, whips together interactive elements before an audience of impressed designers. Using the robust tools within InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) can add new levels of interactivity to your published content. Especially when moving from a print…

Be the Story

by Sara Skalle, editor, Tonka Times magazine

Kupchella's keynote address reveals opportunities through case studies Rick Kupchella, keynote speaker for the 2012 MMPA Summit & Expo, has ridden the crest of journalism and broadcasting and is opting for new frontiers in delivering content and finding audiences. A 20-year veteran reporter and anchor, Kupchella was continually frustrated by the limits of traditional journalism: tell the…

Cultivating the Brand

by Michael Lotti, Lotti Writing Services

A key to publishing success I’ll admit it: I was kind of expecting Hervey Evans – the assigned moderator of the panel session – to steal the show. (Spend 15 minutes with him if you don’t know why.) But he gave the panelists center stage, and they dispelled any notion that brand identity isn’t important to business success – and yes, that includes publishing success. Case in Point #1: Harley-Davidson.…

Fair and Balanced Marketing: Brand Journalism is Here to Stay

by Michael Lotti, Lotti Writing Services

The blurry line between advertising and journalism Not too long ago, journalists wrote stories for news publications and advertisers bought space in those publications. “Today, the advertising world and the publishing world are moving closer together,” says Sara Meaney. “It will be ‘survival of the fittest’ as publishers and companies figure out how to produce good content, develop reliable brands,…

Joy Amidst Chaos

by Michael Lotti, Lotti Writing Services

Five great suggestions for becoming an even greater editor To capture Trevor Meers’ wonderful presentation, it’s best to start where he ended. “There’s no one better than a journalist to tell a great story, and there’s still a need for great stories,” he said. “Editors get that, and they’re the ones that make it happen.” The editors (and this freelance writer) let out a collective and appreciative…

Keeping Your Content Sticky

by Kolina Cicero, president, Cicero Media

Knowledge, adaptation, and collaboration are key We are swimming in a vast sea of information, and as publishers, writers and editors, we need to differentiate ourselves from all the rest of the publications floating by us. The president of Minneapolis St. Paul Communications, Gary Johnson, calls the answer to this problem sticky content.   How do you make sure your content sticks? There are…

Measure of Success

by Sara Skalle, editor, Tonka Times magazine

Know your metrics, they are the currency of sales Branding campaigns differ from direct response campaigns from objectives through measuring performance. As an ad salesperson, you better know the nuances of these strategies and metrics before you counsel your clients. In the final session of the Ad Sales Track, Leslie Laredo, president of the Fort Lauderdale-based Laredo Group, presented a framework…

Protecting What Makes us Tick

by Kolina Cicero, president, Cicero Media

Entertainment lawyer Ken Abdo takes us down the path to copyright enlightenment. In the U.S., our greatest export in dollars is intellectual property. Not goods, not services, but ideas. We’ve all got plenty of them, but not everybody does what they need in order to protect them. Ken Abdo, an entertainment lawyer and president of Lommen Abdo Law Firm (who also has Disco DJ and Rock Star on his résumé)…