FinePrint April 25, 2013


Reviews Are In

by Sherry Shifflet, Swirlwind Media

2013 MMPA Summit & Expo was hot! The 2013 MMPA Summit and Expo hit a high-class note not only with its sessions, but with the venue. The event, which was held at the newly opened Radisson Blu hotel, received rave reviews from its 190 attendees on Thursday, April 25. One tweet from MMPA member magazine Gardening How-To (@GardenMag) explained the vibe this way: “#mmpa2013 keeps it crunk.…

Technology and Media: "You’ve Got to Have Faith”

by Craig Gustafson

Nieman Journalist Shines Light on Tech Opportunities for Media. What does the future for media hold? The answer is hard to provide without reaching for one of a dozen familiar clichés. In the 2013 MMPA Summit & Expo’s first editorial track session, Justin Ellis, assistant editor at the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, sidestepped the cliché trap by invoking the space exploration…

Data: The Good, the Bad and the Unweildy

by Traci Nigon

You’ve tracked your data. You have extensive spreadsheets. You use analytics on your website, social media, and advertising. So why is nobody using this information? Here’s the problem with data, says Brett Keirstead of Knowledge Marketing: “It’s not just data; it’s what you do with the data that makes a difference.” This means that you have to ask yourself some important questions about what…

Tablet Entanglement

by Craig Gustafson and Kurt Beckmann

Tablet design continues to mature and local expert Keith Gilbert of Gilbert Consulting stays on the cutting edge. At the 2013 MMPA Summit & Expo, he offered up-to the minute ideas for keeping readers engaged through design. Designers should get an iPad. Then, subscribe to and get familiar with many digital apps and magazines. Digital replicas of magazines have inherent problems: They don’t use…

DIY Tablet Publishing

by Traci Nigon

A miniscule budget, limited technical knowledge, and a never-ending list of other duties is just what you need to create your own app—at least according to Diane Richard and Christine Thayer. If you don’t want to learn how to code, the idea of creating your own tablet app or digital publication seems like the penultimate pipe dream. But less than a year ago, Diane Richard and Christine Thayer of…

The Elements of Design

by Traci Nigon

When you’re aware of what other magazines and visual mediums are doing, you can utilize that in your own work. I once read a design book that said that once you could name something, you had power over it. The author was originally speaking about trees, but she correlated it: if you could name a design element, you had power to say why a page looked good or bad. With their hour-long session, Mary…

Now Trending: Trends

by Traci Nigon

How do your readers consume digital media, and how does this affect your approach of audience development? Let’s get this out of the way right now: Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, are not trends, says Kyle Lacy of Exact Target. “Once millions of people use this medium every single day, it’s no longer a trend. It’s a way of life.” So what is a trend, then, and how can you utilize…

Fill Your Funnel

by Susan Griffith, Readex Research

Dohrn provides proven 30-day prospecting plan at the 2013 Summit & Expo. Prospecting: A vacuum chamber where you bounce around hoping that a contact initiates a chain reaction resulting in a sale. The reality of the situation, however, according to Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media, is that prospecting does not have to be such a random act. “Sales people need a full funnel to be a raging success,”…

The Social Conundrum

by Craig Gustafson

Get your voice heard above the static. You’re in the industry. You’ve heard it a thousand times already: “The Internet has made everyone a publisher.” It was this cliché that Jennifer Kane of Kane Consulting chose to kick off her presentation to the combined audience of editorial and audience-development professionals at MMPA’s 2013 Summit & Expo—with the following twist: “If everyone out there is…

Revenue Mania

by Craig Gustafson

How many ways can you skin the cat? Even though print ad revenue is trending down, magazine publishers can still find numerous ways to generate revenue according to Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media. “There is no reason, in the digital space right now to spend the money on being a tester,” says Dohrn. There are so many people out there that are willing to fail, and spend the money to fail, that you…

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