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Excellence Awards Call for Entries Now Open

It’s that time of year when the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association asks you to take a look at your work over the past year and choose which pieces you think are award worthy. That’s right — the Call for Entries for the 2015 Excellence Awards has opened! Make sure you dig into your print and digital issues and your websites, e-newsletters, and blogs to choose your best work from July…

Summit Success

At the well-attended MMPA 2015 Summit & Expo on May 15, attendees learned about everything from social media to sales strategies. There was something for everyone in this year’s theme, “Vision + Innovation,” with sessions on using audience data creatively, developing strategies for LinkedIn use, troubleshooting InDesign, and more. Sponsors showed off their latest innovations, too, showing how…

Hitting a Homerun with Social Media

by Tim Morgan

Hitting homeruns through social media apparently requires a lot of strikeouts. Hey, Babe Ruth had 1,330 strikeouts and Reggie Jackson holds the record with 2,597. Yet both are renowned sluggers. “We don’t make mistakes; we do tests,” said Liz Bredeson, consumer marketing director at Meredith Corp. Bredeson led off a social media panel in the audience engagement track. Joining her in the session…

Reinventing the Publishing Landscape

by Janet Cass

With the changing publishing landscape, new tools for detecting copyright infringement have appeared. That’s why it’s prudent for a publication to credit images an author submits to accompany a story, intellectual-property attorney Mark Anfinson cautioned during his session. Many digital images now incorporate metadata that alerts their creators to infringement via search engines such as Google…

Making Design More Efficient

by Traci Nigon

“Let’s say you sent this party hat design to a client,” began Keith Gilbert of Gilbert Consulting, who had Adobe Illustrator open. On the screen was a purple party hat with yellow polka dots, plus a splotched green background with little orange swirls in it. It was basic, but cute, like something you’d have on a party invitation. “Now imagine that the client likes it, but wants four of these hats,…

Preparation Turns Sales Into a Piece of Cake

by Craig Gustafson

Suddenly the room started to buzz. During the morning revenue track sessions, attendees shifted repeatedly from buzzing to sweating and back. The commotion started as soon as sales trainer Dave Dickey of Second Story Sales finished explaining his first point and turned control over to the presentation’s participants. For those expecting to have inspiration served to them as they sat quietly,…

Long-term Subscriber Value and Success

by Aileen Hough

Hervey Evans, executive publisher of the National Wildlife Federation, firmly believes in building publishing resilience and the lifetime value (LTV) of subscribers through a combination of audience and product development. His message is based on principles such as: Understand your reader. Plan the process and set measureable goals and reader expectations. Merge efforts of audience development…

Media Events Bring Magazine Pages to Life

by Rebecca Sterner

Greenspring Media, publishers of Minnesota Monthly, Midwest Home, and other titles, offers an inspiring example of audience engagement through events that support and expand the company’s brands. The Midwest Home Luxury Home Tour, Minnesota Monthly Food and Wine Experience, and other events build closer relationships for readers and advertisers—and more revenue is the result. Jamie Flaws,…

Make Digital Publications Work for You

by Aileen Hough

“The most important platform to me is the one in front of me at that moment. And most people are that way,” said Wayne Metcalfe of NXTbook Media. Many in our marketplace do not understand recent developments in digital products. So, this session began with the basics. Metcalfe talked about three types of digital products: replica, digitally optimized, and a hybrid with digital optimization. …

Corrected business description for Readex Research

 Ignite your advertising sales efforts using online or mail survey research from Readex Research. Use ad effectiveness or custom studies to open doors to key customers and prospects. Stand out from your competitors by providing market intelligence and boost ad sales revenues in the process. Readex Research is a trusted partner for publishers, associations, and corporations since 1947.


November 12, 2015

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