Get Involved

As a member of MMPA, you will gain the opportunity to enhance your business productivity and profitability, elevate the level of professionalism and technical standards in the industry, promote your company and your publication, and keep abreast of changing trends and technologies.

Help a little or help a lot. We welcome everyone. Contact or call 651.999.5353

Participate in a Committee

The key to your MMPA membership value is involvement, and a great way to get involved is through committees. MMPA has several committees looking for additional volunteers. You may volunteer to serve on a committee or to help a committee with an individual project.

Take a look at our volunteer opportunities and let us know which committees interest you. MMPA is your organization. Come and be a part of it! To sign up for a committee or to ask for more information, click here.

Communications Team

Exercise your editorial talents for the MMPA. The Communications Committee oversees production of the newsletter, content development of the website and other communications materials.

Sponsorship Committee

Sell advertising space for the MMPA website and FinePrint Newsletter; Solicit, track and fulfill the MMPA sponsorship program; Conduct marketing campaigns for sales initiatives for all of the above.

Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards Committee plans and implements the annual Minnesota Publishing Excellence Awards held each November. Includes oversight of category revisions, judging process, promotion, sponsorships, etc.

Summit & Expo Committee

Help plan one of MMPA's biggest events of the year. The Summit & Expo Committee plans and implements the annual Summit & Expo held each summer. Includes oversight of speaker selection, promotion, sponsorships, logistics, etc.

Membership Committee

Make sure that the MMPA is valued by its members. This committee develops and implements programs to attract and retain members and to develop and implement additional member benefit programs.

Education Series Events

Share your ideas to help us plan strong programming that meets the needs of our members. Develops and implements training and education programs for the members.

Networking Group

Give your opinion and input on what events—primarily social—you’d like to MMPA to do. You’ll help find new ways to benefit members, connect with students interested in publishing, and encourage valuable networking.