Volunteer Bill of Rights

You get out of MMPA what you put in (and often more!). Networking works. The old saying of it’s not what you know, but who you know holds true. MMPA is a great way to be visible in your industry. If you’re serious about your career, you have a responsibility to yourself to become active in MMPA. Get to know us, and we’ll get to know you!

What to Expect:

  • You’ll be on a team. We tend to call them “committees”.
  • You’ll know who the leader of your team is and have their contact information.
  • Team leaders will stay in contact and remind you of upcoming events.
  • You’ll have a definable task and know the overall goal of your team.
  • We believe in networking! We know people volunteer, in part, to have a chance to network. We believe helping you expand your network is part of the volunteer process.

MMPA Volunteer Bill of Rights:

A Bill of Rights makes it clear what basic things are needed so that our volunteers are respected. Since we are an organization of volunteers, respecting the basic rights of a volunteer makes it easier for volunteers to become engaged with MMPA. Here are the basic four rights of an MMPA volunteer:

  1.  You have a right to say “no”. A “no” is respected, but because we do respect when you say “no” we ask that you be open to saying yes when an opportunity fits your schedule or your skills.
  2. You have a right to a definable task. Tasks will be given with a clear entry and exit point. You’ll know what you’re supposed to do and when. A definable task is not
    open-ended. You have a right to know –before you start – when the task will end.
  3. You have a right to be heard. Team leaders will listen to ideas, but NOT to triangular communication. If you have a problem with someone else’s idea, please speak
    directly to them first.
  4. You have a right to ask for help.

MMPA Volunteer Notice of Responsibilities:

It’s true that with rights, comes responsibilities. The reason we have rights is so that individuals aren’t abused by the system. The reason we have responsibilities is so the system doesn’t get abused. If the system is abused, it breaks. Here’s how volunteers can help keep MMPA going strong.

  1. You have a responsibility to complete the task you agreed to do by the deadline you agreed to do it.
  2. You have a responsibility to say “no” if you know you can’t do the task. If you’re too busy, don’t say “yes”!
  3. You have a responsibility to ask for help when you need it. Talk to your team leader as soon as you know there is a problem.
  4. You have a responsibility to notify team leaders in advance if you can’t make it. Enough said.
  5. Please recruit! Just share with people why you like MMPA and invite them to participate in an event or to get involved. It’s easy! Most of our events are fun, and it’s great if you can make someone else feel welcome by inviting them.

>> View a printable version of MMPA’s Volunteer Bill of Rights.